Monday, August 31, 2009

Surgeons Do Not Cry

I chanced upon a book called "Surgeons Do Not Cry" by Ting Tiongco when it fell from my sister's bag. Yes, even her extra reading is all about Medicine. I picked it up, opened it and didn't put it down until my sister unceremoniously turned off the light for bedtime :p

The book, published by the UP Press is teeming with short stories originally written for a column called Child of the Sun in It is Dr Tiongco's recollection of his ten-year development as a doctor and a surgeon at the UP PGH.

It is a smorgasbord of funny, sad and touching stories much like E.R. episodes only they were real. For someone whose medical background is limited to my sporadic visits to the clinics, the book is a wonderful sneak peek of the kind of life doctors lead and how noble the profession is.

In the process, I have developed an admiration towards Dr Tiongco and all the other doctors who have chosen to give up the possibility of the good life in the States for a more meaningful life serving the country.

God bless all the doctors to the barrio :)

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