Saturday, August 22, 2009

Surreality in one sitting

After a HIGHlarious time watching Hangover, we went to Powerbooks. They were having a Power Sale which was pretty awesome. SKP got four hard bound books for a little over 500 bucks. He also got a VHS for 9 bucks hahaha!

I never buy books though. I like reading but I don't like buying them because I'm stingy like that :P I left SKP to decide which ones he like to get and I looked for the most inneresting looking book. I picked up Surreality by New York-based writer Carissa Villacorta, made myself comfortable at one of the couches in Powerbooks and started to read.

Surreality is the New York version of Twisted by Jessica Zafra without the angst :p It is a compilation of some of the articles Carissa have written for Manila and US publications. It is her story of following dreams without completely leaving out what should matter most like family and friends in a city that never sleeps. It is about creating your own memories, learning from others, being ready for anything life throws at you and having fun while doing so.

I was able to finish it about the same time SKP has finished deciding which books he'd like to get.

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