Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dessert at Red Mango

I told SKP I wanted to catch two movies, Up and Hangover but we finished lunch at 3 and the next movie screening is at 5 so I had to choose between Up and Hangover. I opted Hangover :)

Greenbelt was the destination after the Manna Garden lunch. While lining up to get tickets, I saw a roll up banner that woke me up from my Umami overdose, Red Mango, our favorite dessert place in Eastwood has opened a new branch in Greenbelt, yey! I didn't need to coax SKP into going there because we both love the place. Out of all the frozen yogurt places we have tried, this was really the best. We order the same thing all the time: green tea frozen yogurt. Super refreshing! SKP usually gets his plain, mine I add almond slivers :)

I kinda like the Greenbelt branch better. It is bigger, with more comfortable couches plus a wonderful view of ermmm Makati buildings :)

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