Friday, August 28, 2009

Shawarma Snack Center

We first searched for Shawarma Snack Center after watching Anthony Bourdain's episode on Egypt where he showed a whole goat/lamb being roasted beneath the desert sand. It looked so good we had an instant craving for Middle Eastern food. So we drove to Ermita and finally found Shawarma Snack Center along Salas St.

Since then, we have been back more than thrice in a span of one month :) Somehow the ambience reminds me of Arab St. in Singapore with quaint Middle Eastern joints.

The place is always bustling and has a good mix of local and foreign patrons. Their menu is downright simple and they serve that goat/lamb that we saw in the Anthony Bourdain Egypt episode. We would have ordered if it didn't cost PHP 10,000!!! hahaha

The rest of their menu items are not as insane though. For this visit, I was the only one who pigged out, I had mixed kebab (because I have been dreaming about it for a week :p) and SKP had pickles (which was really good, they make their own pickles) and yogurt shake. We didn't order our usual vegetable platter because I don't think I can finish it but it's also good. We spent less than PHP 300 for the meal :)

This is the newer and i guess more expensive Shawarma Snack Center. We eat on the other side of the street. Kuripot reprezent! :p

Their simple menu


And the panalong mixed kebab

Oh and do not miss the smiling fish in one of their aquariums :p I swear the darn thing smiles once in a while hahaha


  1. hooooyyyyy kelangan dalhin mo ko jan! :P :D

  2. shure!!! order tayo ng mixed vege platter tsaka mixed kebab! yahooo! sayang wala si sunget, nasa mindanao, la manlilibre hahaha