Friday, August 28, 2009


From this view (Century Park/Harrison/Makati)

To this view (Manila Bay! yeeey!)

My photo doesn't do justice at all. Suffice to say that I am so looking forward to the magnificent view of the bay for the next 365 days starting tomorrow!

Yup, my sister and I are saying so long to Legaspi Towers, a place we called home for about a year or so. Legaspi Towers is one of the first condonimiums to rise along Roxas Blvd. This was THE condominium back in the day. Imelda Marcos used to live here daw, not sure how true but Mayor Lim lives here, I saw him in the lift a few times and all those times I was restraining myself from asking him for an autograph or something hehehe

The things we love about this place are spacious corridors and good interiors not to mention the scenic elevator that has a fantastic view of CCP and Manila Bay. I personally will surely miss the carpark attendants who so willingly park the car because I'm an idiot when it comes to parking hahaha

This place has also been witness to the many changes in both mine and my sister's lives. This was where I decided to move back to Marketing after a stressful one and a half years with outsourcing. My sister started her clerkship here, yes that's really her first day of clerkship. Nowadays, she only has one small bag when she goes on duty, exag lang sha dati :)

Most of all, this was also where I relented to my Dad's request many many years ago to give my heart to a fellow Muslim at the same time learning about honesty and respect for other's feelings :)

So yeah, it was in Legaspi that SKP dropped me off after watching ZsaZsa Zaturnah

It was also here that he surprised me with a Wagyu dinner after class

The carpark was also witness to the many hours spent talking about the past, the present and the future

And my favorite, this was where my nephew's little hand got stuck in the elevator because he was too impatient to wait for the darn thing to open :p


  1. tama bang i post yang pic na yan!!! :P in fairness pede palang ice pack ang twin popsies :P