Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jumu'ah at Paranaque

SKP was invited by a new friend to pray Jumu'ah at a masjid in Paranaque. He was told the masjid was near Paranaque Public Market right past Duty Free. It was a good thing we allotted an hour to find the place because we really had a hard time finding it. We asked policemen and bystanders if they knew where the masjid is or where the Muslims are (funny how other people react to the word mosque or Muslim like you've just cursed them or something) :) We ended up parking at San Dionisio Church and walking under the scorching heat around the public market to continue our hunt. With a stroke of luck, the nth seller we asked directions from was headed there himself so we finally found the masjid which was right beside Sunduan Restaurant along the highway (which by the way was too far from where we parked so we ended up taking a cab after the jumu'ah).

SKP's new friend said the masjid was built on public land and that he and some friends helped in constructing the masjid. The friend is leaving for Egypt next month and he wanted SKP to see it so that he can continue the work that they have started. I took a picture of the women's area at least and secretly prayed that Insha Allah a benefactor will help construct decent mosques in each of the cities in Manila. SKP's friend did a good job of creating the foundation but I pray that in time it will be more conducive for praying.

In Manila, I have prayed Jumu'ah in the following mosques/masjids:
Quiapo Golden Mosque
- I don't frequent this though because the Qutbah is sometimes in a dialect I can't understand, it can get really really crowded and going there is too tedious for me although I do like the eateries that line up the streets leading to the mosque

Taguig Blue Mosque
- I only went here once when my friend YM invited me for Eid'l Fitr

The one in Tandang Sora
- I went here once, a long time ago when my Dad was still alive. I have sketchy memories of this area but I remember it was pretty difficult to find

UP Romulo Hall
- I would go here when I was still studying in UP. I was bad then, I only went for Jumu'ah when I felt I was gonna get a 3 in one of my subjects :). This is my second favorite place. There's a vegetarian and Persian restaurant a few blocks from here at student-friendly prices

- I only went once. This is where SKP usually prays because he stays in San Juan. This place is huge and it can get really crowded and the Qutbah is Maranao all the way, which I do not understand at all. The only thing I like is the Maranao Restaurant right beside it :)

Indonesian Embassy
- This is my favorite. I go here whenever I can. It is secured, well-ventilated and the Qutbah is in English. Before, there were only a handful of us women who pray here but now, the room usually gets filled up which is a good sign.

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