Monday, August 17, 2009

A Day at the Museum


I am no art connoiseur but lately, I have been exposed to the artsy fartsy world thanks to SKP's obsession with H.R. Ocampo and Sanso's works. He decided to be an art collecter a couple of months ago and he already has two sketches by H.R. Ocampo and a painting by Sanso. These things do not cost cheap. Put together, these three is close to the vicinity of a car downpayment. That is why, currently, he cannot afford to get another one so he satisfies his visual urge by going to galleries. Last Saturday, our destination was the National Museum. At the reception area, we asked where the paintings are and to our surprise, the lady receptionist told us to go to the National Art Gallery building right across the street. (Sushal! I bet not that many people know there's a National Art Gallery)

At the entrance of the National Art Gallery building are two massive metal casts of Manuel Quezon and Sergio Osmena both created by National Artist Guillermo Tolentino. Right before the entrance door is a historical landmark of the Constitutional Convention because back in the day, this used to be the Legislative Building. At the lobby, be sure to look up so you won't miss Impy Pilapil's glass chandeliers, her ode to my favorite local delicacy, pastillas.

As you open the two huge doors after the lobby, you will begin to understand why this area is called the Grand Hall of Masters. The massive Spoliarium and other notable works by 19th century painters Juan Luna and my favorite Felix Resureccion Hidalgo are showcased here. These guys brought honor to the country by making waves during the 1884 Madrid Exposition. Of course, other critics say, it was no big deal because there were tons of other artists who brought home awards at that exposition but still...

There are six more rooms, I think, I lost count but my other favorite apart from the Grand Hall is the Hall of National Artists that has representative work from each of the fourteen National Artists for Visual Arts. You will really be awed by the sheer artistry and talent evident in the works and as my friends would say, lumelevel and mga itoh :p As a Moro, I am specially proud of Abdulmari Imao's works unfortunately I wasn't able to take photos :)

The visit to the National Art Gallery was a visual feast, and for only PHP 70 entrance, you cannot really go wrong.

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