Sunday, September 6, 2009

Saturday Mall Dash - Powerplant and Market Market

I was in Makati yesterday to get SKP's birthday presents: Costa Brava chocolate cake (because he loves chocolates) from the Baker's Fair at Powerplant, Sanso: Art Quest between Two Worlds at Fully Booked (because he is Sanso's number 1 fan), San Pellegrino Aranciata at Santi's Deli Rockwell and three roses (with a cheeseball letter hahaha) from Market! Market!

I know Muslims are not allowed to celebrate birthdays but when I did my research, if one thanks Allah and shows gratitude for being blessed with one more year of his life then according to the Darul Ifta there is nothing wrong with that :)
Anyway, here are some inneresting pics I took while dashing to get my presents:

Saturday Group, a respected group of artists mentored by Malang and Bencab at a live painting
session in Powerplant as part of Manila Mirrors

The iconic Manila jeep by Francisco Motors dressed up by Team Manila and a model glammed up by Mac as the subject of the live painting session

Painter in action

Flower Market at Market! Market!

I got three roses (white, yellow and red) for a hundred bucks. Parang mahal?!? hehehe

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