Monday, September 14, 2009

090909 - Unforgettable Dinner at Som's

We have been dining at Som's for quite sometime now because it's one of those reasonably-priced joints that is 1: very near Rockwell without having to go through the horrendous Makati Ave traffic and 2: still open after class.

Som's is supposedly an authentic Thai, alfresco type of place with a turu turo atmosphere. Monobloc tables and chairs with market style colorful umbrellas are neatly arranged on the street gutter. The view is the fence and flaura that line Rockwell and on the opposite end are the giant cribs in Bel-Air.

Occassionally, a giant rodent shows up and entertains patrons by jumping up and down to get to the other side of the fence (I kid you not!). Failing to see that spectacle, a flying roach or roaches would sometimes hover above your head if you're lucky. Don't get the wrong ideas though. Diners here are not your usual tsinelas crowd...more like flip flops siguro :p

So we went there last Wednesday (9-9-9 or September 9, 2009), hungry and tired. We didn't order the usual because we wanted rice, lots and lots of rice. I got the spicy chicken and basil, SKP got boiled chicken or something like that (which looked really boring to me I didn't bother taking a pic), then we got tofu in tamarind sauce and kangkong.

Here are some food shots that I took:

Tofu in Tamarind Sauce

Spicy Chicken with Basil

It was one of the best meals we've had at Som's by far and we got ourselves really really stuffed. So stuffed in fact that we were literally dragging each other back to the car. And this is where the fun part begins...

As SKP was closing his door, we hear a funny clanking sound. He opens his door again, closes it again, and we hear the same funny sound. And then I saw something sparkling, like diamonds at the backseat. I told SKP to turn on the light and I saw glass splinters!

It took me a very long while to process it... in fact I did not.. it was SKP who realized that WE WERE ROBBED! Yes, we are now officially one of the thousands of victims of the Basag-Kotse gang. Turns out, while we were enjoying our Som's fare, someone else was having his own grand time ransacking SKP's car. The thief got SKP's bag (a Jack Spade which is his favorite) with passport, documents and 3 cellphones and he also got my x60 laptop :(

Me with my beloved x60 huhuhu

Barangay people from Bel-air came to scour the place and filed a blotter and they accompanied us to Precinct 9 for the Police Report.

It was all pretty depressing. So if you want to eat at Som's be sure you park your car where you can actually reach for the door otherwise, I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle or the depression :(

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