Tuesday, September 15, 2009

YoSwirls by BTC

We were originally planning to spend our Sunday afternoon at the Megamall but the exaggerated long parking lines made us head to the Shangri-la Mall instead. Shangri-la is my second favorite mall next to the Powerplanet because I will never worry about being crushed by throngs of mallgoers unlike in the other malls.

We were debating on where to have our iftar and the choices were Cyma, Pepper Lunch and Cibo. SKP has been raring to go to Cibo for the longest time so I thought okay fine, for as long as I decide where we would have our dessert :P

We finished the squid pasta, lamb pita and potata chips in Cibo so our heads were starting to feel heavy from the oil I think. As we were walking at the 5th Floor, we found a new frozen yogurt kiosk. It's called YoSwirls and it is by BTC (Better than Ice Cream). BTC has been serving yogurt long before Froyos became the rage. I've been seeing this along Katipunan when I was still in college which was lightyears away :P

They have different variations of the base yogurt, Chocolate, Vanilla, Tarty and Natural (not sure what they called it) which is PHP 75 and they have about 20 or so topping ranging nuts, to cereals, fruits and candies priced at PHP 25 to PHP 35.
We got the tarty one with Blackberries. I must say, it was really really tarty! Perfect to wash away all that oil from our dinner :) YoSwirls can actually be a nice alternative to Red Mango :)

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  1. whahahaha and it had to be named YO! :P buti pumayag si SKP na yan orderin mo :P