Monday, September 14, 2009


So the Police report was not released until after lunch of the following day. After getting the Police Report, I picked up SKP in Manila (his car window needs to get fixed) and then we proceeded to Eastwood so I can file the incident report to the office Security group. I forgot that they also will be needing an Affidavit of Loss and the nearest Notary in Eastwood is at UP Law Center. It was already late, around 4-ish so we decided to just go and have iftar at UP.

I was still depressed about the whole robbery thing so SKP called up his friend M and told him to make me laugh :p We picked up M, who is working at UP something Women's Center near the CHK building and proceeded to UP Shopping Center.

The natural dinner place was of course, Rodic's! We all love the place except M, who has been dining here often because of his work so he wasn't too thrilled :) We all had tapsilog which was great, it made me forget about my laptop for a while. We then went outside for more kalye foods. I had mangga with bagoong, it was heavenly and SKP had banana q.

Rodic's and UP Shopping Center bring back happy college memories. Life was a lot simpler then, no basag kotse gang, only pill box throwing if there were frat wars hahaha just kidding :)
Sorry I'm still depressed. sigh :(

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