Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lunch Buffet at Good Earth Roasts

Good Earth Roasts (GER) is one of those places in Rockwell that sort of stood the test of time perhaps because of its no-frills neighborhood drinking spot atmosphere. You will see regulars both from the Ateneo Professional Schools as well as the yuppies working in the area downing bottles and bottles of ... Red Horse (so shala!) after a long day at work or school.

We, as in my MBA friends and I, were one of those regulars a few semesters ago, thus we were once upon a time called GER GER gang. The name eventually morphed into ranGERs for some unknown reason (my guess is that the former was a bit vulgar hahaha). We would meet (read: get wasted) at GER every Wednesday and poke fun at whatever or more often whoever.

I don't drink... at least not a lot...lately :p but I always get excited going to GER because I love their peking duck! Last Saturday, I was with Lady and Mike for a lunch meeting (for something really really exciting :p). I ordered the usual duck rice, but Lady had the lunch buffet which was I think pretty reasonable at PHP 250. They had soup, fried rice, 1 pork dish, 1 chicken dish, 1 fish dish and 1 vegetable dish. Lady was able to make the trip to the buffet table three times! Super sulit! Hehehe

Buffet Spread

Priceless Menu

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