Thursday, October 1, 2009

Eidl Fitr 2009

At my bestfriend's Marje's request, we spent Eidl Fitr at the Golden Mosque in Quiapo. As expected, so many brothers and sisters turned up but thankfully, there was enough room for everyone. We stayed outside and Alhamdullilah, we were blessed with good weather.

After prayer, we went to Marje's favorite Maranao restaurant and then walked a bit to hoard DVDs. On top of the list was yep, you guessed it, KimmyDora hahaha :p

SKP felt like cooking so we got some stuff at Shopwise before heading to our place. Eidl Fitr fare was Kalbi Jim c/o Chef SKP, Rice Cake and Kimchi from our friendly Korean grocery downstairs and Marje's new super favorite, Arce Buco Lycheas Sherbet.

Here are some pictures of random people taken before and after prayer at the Golden Mosque. Check out my favorite, the adorable Quaipo Boys. I was just taking pictures of the mosque when they asked me to take photos of them :)

Pretty in fenk :p

Say...chez..uh :p

Smile :) :p


Looking through...the eyes of love..bleh

Boi Kupya


Blessings... ameeeeen

Golden mosque and the golden girls :p

Quiapo Boys... ateh ateh, picture mo kame!

I asked them to do this pose and they so willingly complied :p

This kid is the most gwapo of them all daw according to them

Whatta cutie, dontchatinks

The boys are out...nag recruit pa ng iba hehehe

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