Monday, October 19, 2009

Snackaroo-ing on a Friday

I had a stage in my life when I got nearly obsessed with steak. For several weeks, all I wanted to eat was steak... not just any other steak but the very cheap kind :p the cheapest cut with the unhealthiest gravy that went with it. The obsession cost me a whopping 20 lbs and took me several months to shed :p

Some of the notable ones I liked going back to were Hot Racks in Libis, Steak MD in Tomas Morato and Snackaroo also in QC.

Last Friday, I had a flashback of my grim steak-eating past when SKP suggested we go to Snackaroo for dinner. Unfortunately, they only have one grill for both pork and beef so no steak for me.

SKP instead got the most wonderful substitute ever, Beef Bacon, beef papaitan and beef bopis for less than a hundred bucks each! I was in heaven!!! I kid you not. I still feel giddy thinking about it. The picture doesn't do justice at all to the yumminess of the beef bacon. It is chewy, salty and smoky, in other words, perfect! The papaitan was very very mapait and the bitterness lingers and the bopis was soft, oily and tasty just the way I like it.

I shall definitely be baaa-aacccck!!! :)

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