Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Best Bagoong Rize...Promize

I have an office twin. She's much younger but we are of the same height, we came from the same province, we both wear glasses sometimes, we have almost the same length of hair and the more they say it, the more that we actually start to look like each other it's starting to scare me :P

So anyway, today, my office twin mentioned that Zuppa Cafe, one of the very very few long standing establishments at Cyber Mall in Eastwood uses beef in their thai bagoong rice. So off to Zuppa we went.

The food was a feast of the senses, and I'm not being OA. I was wide-eyed when I saw it because the serving was so huge it looked like it had 1 and a half cups of rice or maybe even 2. It had generous strips of mango and more than enough slices of sweet tender beef. The smell of shrimp paste was heavenly and the taste... the taste... okay I'm going back tomorrow :)

Thai bagoong rice is one of those happy type of meal for me because you get all the flavors in one dish and it's sweet, salty, sour and in this case mildly hot even which is really perfect for me. For PHP 95 this dish is perfect! :)

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