Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The 400-peso Burger Dinner

Johnny Rockets is the latest addition to the growing eat outs at the new Eastwood Mall. I know this is a bit wrong but the festive atmosphere as you step inside the establishment is actually reminiscent of, are you ready for this, Hooters! hahaha

Perhaps it's the blazing music and the cheerful food attendants, although Johnny Rockets is more "Let's Dance" and Hooters is solid "YMCA" and the attendants at Johnny Rockets are more ermmm covered than Hooters or perhaps it's the all American feel of these two joints that made me relate one to the other.

What I liked about our visit to Johnny Rockets were: service was great, the Manager was very attentive to our requests (no same utensil for items with pork etc), the dance number of the food attendants was fun, they were really into it, not the napipilitan type and you can make modifications in your order without paying extra ie change bun to wheat, change patty to turkey, opt for salad instead of fries, etc

I wasn't too thrilled about two things: the food and the price! Hahaha Maybe because I'm stingy or maybe because I was expecting an In N Out type of grease fest hence the disappointment but seriously, PHP 400 for a burger meal is really just too much for me :)

This is the PHP 140 Onion Rings, ermmm parang kulang?!? :p

We opted for the salad instead of fries because we're health conscious like that..not! :p

I had of course the cheapest, Original burger but I changed the bun to wheat

SKP changed the beef patty to turkey and it was sooo good

The mini jukebox
The giant piso per song jukebox

The hot open kitchen

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