Saturday, October 24, 2009

Manila F.A.M.E 2009

SKP's sister gave him a pair of tickets to the Manila F.A.M.E. Manila F.A.M.E or Furnishings and Apparel Market Exchange is a bi-annual event that is being organized by CITEM, the export promotion arm of DTI.

This is my first time to attend this trade show. I actually found it fascinating. The event happened simultaneously in two venues, World Trade Center and SMX and they had shuttles to ferry guests who wish to transfer to the other venue.

World Trade showcased health and wellness, some artworks and fashion items. We also managed to catch the fashion show of Renee Salud, Twinkle Ferraren and other designers.

We moved to SMX to check out what's there and we were awed by the furniture pieces from our local manufacturers. We were surprised though that one of the exhibitors we asked price from quoted in dollars! Anyway, SKP ended up buying two wrought iron chairs made in Cebu for PHP 1,500 each. It was really a bargain considering the kind of craftsmanship and material used.

I wish local manufacturers will make their goods available for local consumption and at local prices too :)
Photos were all from World Trade
Painting by Rubio. He is starting be my favorite
Another interesting painting
Live art
The make out tree :p
Dominatrix heaven. Im kidding! Corset stall
Pinya dolls
Pinya fashion
Fashion show. Honestly, the stage design guys could have done a better job. Just sayin

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