Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mami Mien-San

It is really a challenge to find a nice Oriental restaurant that does not use pork bones in their soup base. Luckily, Mien-san, an unassuming Taiwanese restaurant not only does not use pork bones but also serve the meanest Beef Noodle Soup I have ever tasted. Their soup is a bit on the hot and spicy side and has a comforting effect like having Chicken soup when you're sick :) There's abundant tender beef slices and their hand pulled noodles is really something else with a clean almost chewy feel to it.

Our other favorite on the menu is their tofu. It is one whole big block of cold tofu in a bed of soy sauce with slices of century egg, chopped garlic and chives. This dish is just too delightful to describe.

Beef noodle soup
Tofu with century egg

Dragon dancer on a Sunday afternoon

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