Thursday, September 17, 2009

Van Gogh Is Bipolar

Is the title
a. fact
b. fiction or
c. a name of a restaurant?

Well, if you have answered a, you are correct. If you have picked c, you are absolutely right too!

Van Gogh is Bipolar is a new place in Sikatuna Village in Quezon City. The place, according to their facebook page is a living art space-cafe. I have finally tried it out a couple of weeks ago and I must say it's a seriously chill place. It's a house converted to a gallery/cafe. Think Fat Michael's only it's newer, cleaner and more spacious :) There are tables outside and inside the place. If you opt to stay inside you need to take off your shoes so do not wear pawis-inducing shoes when you go here if you don't want to be embarrassed.

As you enter, you will see various dining/sala/garden sets from various eras. Interesting trivia, I overheard the owner tell oldies patrons that the cabinet used to belong to the Laurels. There are quite a number of art pieces but the more interesting ones are the nude photos :p

Getting there can be quite a challenge because there is no signage and it's at the interior of some compound so good luck :p

Their menu is a whole new world on its own as well. They named their dishes after personalities known to have the disorder plus they give emphasis on certain brain foods. Unfortunately, we were so full from Snackaroo so we just had their tea (Tamarind Tea to be exact) which was really unique and refreshing. One weird thing that SKP didn't like was having to bus your own stuff. It's just like me not liking hotpots/shabu shabus because I don't like cooking when I know I'm paying. We just had tea anyway so it was no biggie :)

Anyway, I've included menu below chekidawt:

1.1 Axl Rose’s Egg ShotSubmerged in hot water for 5 minutes. Served in an egg shell.With honey mustard or black sauce. Egg is an excellent source of protein that gives “that extra kick” you needed especially when eaten soft-boiled.

1.2 Sting’s Hot Cherry Potato* - extra spicy roasted cherry potato with fresh herbs. Potato is a good source for relieving anxiety. (It is highly recommended to always eat it with skin on for added fiber).

1.3 Winston Churchill went Nuts - mixed dried nuts with a whisk of Vodka to be dippedin spicy melted dark chocolate.Nuts are known to help release dopamine in the brain which help you veer away from depression.

1.4 Ozzy Osbourne’s Final Pop - mixture of homemade popcorn,dried fruits and nuts.A pop of popcorn is always a good way to brighten a gloomy mood.

1.5 Ned Beatty’s Take of the day: - bite sized whole wheat breador oat cracker with fresh kitchen ingredientsAdditional spread choices (per serving):Wild HoneyWild honey with raisinsOlive oil and garlicWheat and oats are the best sources of complex carbohydrates. Energize without the downside of carboloading.

1.6 Janice Dickinson’s Luxurious Mouth - bite sized salmon and lamb wrapped in fried eggplant with melted mozzarella cheeseSalmon is considered a happy fish. It contains high omega-3-fat oil which prevents depressionwhile lamb is one of the safest source of protein that provides high energy level. Unlike any other kind of cheese, Mozzarella cheese is known for its friendly “no negative altering mood effect.

1.7 Mel Gibson’s Darkest Sin - a shot of Vodka with melted dark chocolate,dried walnut and almonds with wild honey.Dark chocolate (high cacao content. The bitter, the better). is excellent for boosting brain function and eliminating depression while walnut is one of the richest food source to uplift your mood. Good for people experiencing depression.WARNING: too much alcohol can be a source of hormonal imbalance.bipolar SALAD

2.1 Virginia Woolf Dip Salad Feast* - freshly harvest organic fresh greens, with banana chips. Dipped in virgin olive oil, wild honey with Ilocandia balsamic vinegar sauce.(Depends on availability)

Full menu here

Some photos from my visit:
Menu board, mood board and what nots

My favorite corner. Red walls with lopsided frame and an arresting photo of an old man in g string

Our tamarind tea. The small goblets contained honey and muscovado sugar

Sari saring anu ano. From chocnut to rattan rattan fruit

Choose your own teapot corner

Main dining area

Mini nude photos in a huge frame

Mirror in the restroom

Artful clutter. This is actually their washroom :)


  1. no worries. you can taste van gogh's food with less than 50 bucks in your pocket.=)

  2. hey bipolarjet, seriously??? less than fifty bucks?!?! kuripot reprezent! im soooo there :p