Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thanks...but no thanks

I have been an honest taxpayer since I turned 18 and don't ask how long ago that was. Every month when I open my payslip, A take a deep breath and seriously hold back tears in anger, frustration, etc seeing how much is being deducted in my salary. I cannot even begin to tell how depressed I get when I see my Form 2316. If not for the deductions, I could have owned my own house, my own car, etc. I truly wouldn't have minded if I wake up to fresh new mornings, with clean surroundings, no kids begging on the streets, fantastic road, reliable transportation system, etc.

So it truly irks me when I see posters of road constructions with pictures of politicians in them. I mean come on. It's not as if, we are indebted to them... for doing their jobs?!?! And it's not as if they are spending their own money in the project. And maybe age is catching up with me but I couldn't really fathom what this streamer is all about:

First of all, who is supposed to be thanking the President??!? More importantly, why are we thanking the President for the footbridge?!?

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