Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pianoke Night at Serenade Hall

Pianist: Simon Martin

Filipinos' love for music, is evident with the evolution of singing machines. First came the Karaoke, a stereo tower with two cassette decks that came with the mic. Then came the videoke, that transferred the fun to television with musical dots and visuals to accompany you while you belt songs reminiscent of that singing contest in the 80's hosted by Bert Marcelo and Pilita Corrales. Then, I heard about Rockeoke, exclusively held at Mag:Net cafe where you can belt songs with live accompaniment.

Last Thursday, I had the time of my life at Serenade Hall with the latest venue to unleash the diva in you, Pianoke! As I have not tried Rockeoke, Pianoke as I would imagine is the scaled down version of Rockeoke where you only have the , yes, piano!

There were about four or more song booklets that had more than a thousand songs in them so before going there, better come prepared with your repertoire. Lucky for us, the crowd that night was a bit on the timid side so we totally hogged the mic . There was just one table that had great singers and everytime they sang, we would sing next just to lower the bar again :p

Pianoke with Pianist Simon Martin, a jolly fella, happens every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 7:30 until your voice give in. The best part is there is absolutely no cover charge! You can just order anything from their menu prepared by Executive Chef Fernan Punzalan and his team. For this dinner, we ordered: gambas, salpicao, chili with stuffed cheese, kare kare, sinigang na bangus and I forgot the others. For the first time, I didn't really paid much attention to the food, I couldn't be bothered with my song search :p

This is seriously a great alternative to expensive (not to mention tacky) videoke bars. The interiors were tastefully done, great acoustics and lighting plus the grand piano all add up to one awesome decadent night of songs and well, heckling :P

You can visit Serenade Hall's website for more information.

Beef Salpicao


The only girl who knows her melodies and stuff


Two of the four song books

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