Monday, February 15, 2010

Kabab Roll

Kabab Roll is a food kiosk at the Mall of Asia that serves Arab cuisine. Their menu is comprised of a thousand Rolls (okay kidding, mga twenty plus lang), several Boti, Kababs and Tikkas. We went there on a Saturday, which was a fairly busy night. We spotted the Arabian owner and several Middle Eastern diners which was a good sign.

We ordered the Beef Seekh Kabab and good ol' Chicken Tikka. We asked the order taker what was better with our order? Rice or bread. Order taker said, since we are Filipinos, get the rice. Toink. Fine. We went against her expert opinion and got ourselves bread.

Both dishes came with chutney and sliced onions and tomatoes. You can taste the herbs and spices in both dishes and they were both really really good. I'm not sure if I just have a big appetite but the only thing I seem to not appreciate was their small (?!?) serving . For a P100 + per dish though, this place is worth coming back to.
It's alfresco dining which is great especially on a cold summer night. We had fun people watching that night :p

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