Saturday, February 13, 2010

Check Up

A drug company sponsored a free Cholesterol, Blood Sugar Testing and Bone Scanning in our office recently. My Marketing hat was missing that day so upon seeing the email, I thought, wow! This company really cares. Then again, I snapped back to reality upon seeing roll up banners all over the area on their supplements that will help prevent Osteoporosis and medicine for high cholesterol and blood sugar.

Luckily, even after gorging a good amount of carbohydrates and sweets during the holidays, my blood sugar is still at the normal level, phew :) I'm generally afraid of doctors and tests but this blood sugar testing is almost painless and fast. I got the result in less than five minutes.

My bone scanresult wasn't that stellar though. I didn't go for consultation after the scan but my friend, who had the same result said we better take more calcium. Anyway, I'm more inclined to go get a second opinion as the drug company was selling their calcium supplements so the result might not be that reliable methinks :p

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