Monday, February 15, 2010

Beijing Hand Pulled Noodle House

Hands down, the best Chow Mian I have ever tasted. There's a little bit of waiting time (which isn't that long) because they make the noodles as soon as you order it. Can you say fresh? We got the beef chow mian that had tomato, zucchini, white fungus and mushroom. It's like fattened spaghetti in a weird but nice way.

We got the following side orders :
Suchai Dumplings
Vegetarian Dumpling. This tasted great even without the soy vinegar dip.

Sea Grass
Do not order this if you are going out on a date, nakaka wa poise hahaha. This sea grass is extra long and on the hard, crunchy side. It is served with leeks, wansoy and soy vinegar
Sliced fresh raddish with soy vinegar topped with wansoy

For all those, we paid a little under PHP 400. Beijing Hand Pulled Noodle House is right beside Ristra's at Little Baguio in San Juan.

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