Friday, January 8, 2010

Double Surprise, Aylavet!

So we're one of those cheeseball couples who celebrate monthsaries hahaha! December 8th was only our 7th month so I didn't really plan for anything. I just saved a reminder in Chef's phone and anyway, Chef said we won't be able to go out on the 8th because he has an office thing. He said he was just gonna cook dinner on the 7th since our trusted house angel is on vacation and I cannot be trusted in the kitchen :p

I picked him up at the lobby of our place (until now, the guards at the lobby still think he's up to no good hahaha) at around 7. He was carrying a small plastic bag and he said it has Dory in it. Aylayk! When we got to our place, he unpacked the package and guess what was in there...

...USDA Steak!!!

It was super yummy. In fact, truth be told, I like the taste of USDA better than Wagyu. Making steak is very simple. In high heat, place the butter (President is the Chef's butter of choice) and then place the meat. Cooking time is only 5-10 minutes. Oh but before that, you have to season the meat with salt and place it in the fridge for 5-10 minutes. I don't know why, I just saw Chef do it perhaps it's to lock the salt or to make it easier to cook. Toldya I cannot be trusted in the kitchen hahaha. Anyway, you can top the steak with butter.It's super yummy served that way.

The next day, I was getting frustrated because the whole day, I only got a couple of one-liner texts from Chef. Finally around dinner time, he asked me to pass by his office. So I did. When I got there, he was carrying a paper bag, put it at the back and said those were planners for my sisters and then he said he needed to go back to work again. He texted when I left to remind me of the "planners". I was naturally pissed, I cried driving home hahaha.

When I got to the parking and was about to go down, I remembered the paper bag at the back. I was a bit intrigued why it seemed almost weightless and decided to snoop around. The first thing that I saw was this:

And inside the paper bag was:

Aylavet! Thank you chef! :)

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