Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cyma Greek Taverna

Cyma is one of those places I consider going to whenever I feel like celebrating or rewarding myself. To many, Cyma may come across as a usual place but to a regular wage earner like I am, Cyma is already bliss :p

I have only been to Cyma at Greenbelt and Eastwood Mall. I have yet to try the original one in Boracay. That would be pretty neat, having Greek right beside the sea.

The food is consistently excellent in both outlets however, ambience-wise, I much prefer the one at the Eastwood Mall Veranda where you can dine al fresco. Al fresco dining at the Veranda from Ber months all the way to February is a treat especially with the romantic night breeze. I have good news for Erap, this branch doesn't charge for ambience hahaha okay that was corny :p

Although a bit pricey for me, I still think there's value for money because their servings are always for sharing. For this visit, we feasted on:

Tonno Salata

This is an original recipe of Chef Robby Goco. It has perfectly seared Ahi tuna with fresh mixed greens, baked onions, Gavros or anchovies, for us mere mortals, bell peppers, black olives, marinated potatoes, green beans, boiled eggs and feta cheese that provides saltiness to the mix. Dressing is Cyma's own Summer Herb Vinaigrette. We have asked the food attendant to already split this into two.


I was really craving for lamb chops but it was expensive hahaha so we decided to get this one. This dish has baked lamb with orzo or rice shaped pasta served with grated parmesan, parsley and extra virgin olive oil. From the picture, you can already tell there was too much butter or perhaps too much EVOO?!? Nonetheless, it was pretty greasy but very delicious. It was my first time to try orzo so when I first saw it, I thought, it was arborio rice! Of course when I tasted it, it tasted like any other regular pasta except it was rice-shaped. The entire time, I was finishing the dish, my mind still could not properly process that it was pasta I was having hahaha weird. Anyway, this dish is a bit heavy so be sure to squeeze in some lemon for a little bit of tanginess.

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