Monday, November 9, 2009

The Melt In Your Mouth Cheese Bread

SKP was telling me about Tinapayan, the bakery that sells this supposedly melt-in-your-mouth bread that the other chef from his office brings every morning while we were cruising along Dapitan. Suddenly, I saw this brightly lit store signage that spells the two words that made SKP's day/week/month: TINAPAYAN FESTIVAL :)

So he did what every excited chef does , hit the brakes, pushed the hazard button and hurriedly crossed the street. He bought about a month's worth of Cheese bread.

I must say, this bread is not your average panaderya tinapay that you can find across the street. It almost has a soft, somewhat cloudy bite similar to Bread Talk staples. You can eat it on its own or you can dunk it to piping glass of hot chocolate.

What I don't like about this bread though is that it costs PHP 80, rather outrageous for a kanto panaderya dontchatinks :p

By the way, Tinapayan Festival has a branch in Market Market, so no need to go all the way to Dapitan, hoorah!

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