Monday, November 9, 2009

Dapitan Arcade

I have been meaning to pay a visit to Dapitan Arcade because I heard that cheap stuff abound, and yep, I am sucker for anything cheap. So last weekend, we made the long journey (long because traffic was horrible on a Saturday ) from Taft to Dapitan.

Going there can be a little bit tricky. Good thing my cousin, who was quite familiar with the place told us to just turn right to Laon Laan from Espana and go straight, that should lead us to Kanlaon which is where Dapitan Arcade is.

There are many parking spots available from the Suki Market, to the side of the multi purpose hall to the one beside the Arcade itself. We got there around 4 and one of the sales ladies said they normally close at 7. There are stalls along the streets and the others are inside a building. I'm not sure why but it sort of reminded me of the Saturday Jatujak Market.

Dapitan Arcade is exclusively houseware though. Here you will see dinnerware, wooden furnitures, living room accents, lamps, chandeliers, storage boxes, etc. They also peddle mostly local products with very good design, craftsmanship and quality.

We read in one of the blogs that your one thousand can go a long a way's true! SKP was able to buy six pieces of plates, dainty tissue holders, big intricate church candle holders for a little under a thousand.

As for me, I feasted on peanuts with chili and twenty pieces of squid and chicken balls all under a hundred bucks! Aylavet!

Some photos I took from the street stalls. I only took a few because SKP was already scowling at me, I was tempting phone snatchers daw :p

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