Monday, November 9, 2009

Little Rascal

Our office had a Halloween Trick or Treat event and we had a pretty good turn out of kids who donned their scariest/cutest Halloween outfits. One kid though stood out from the rest. He was about 8 or 9, and he was running around, screaming, in other words he was like a tornado of activities all by himself.

Just before Trick or Treat started, he ran like crazy at the pantry area where all the kids were and screamed "I KNOW WHERE THE CANDIES ARE!!! BUT I WILL NOT TELL YOU WHERE THEY ARE!!!" Hahaha

So I was telling this story to my friend and she goes, "Ah yeah, I know him, we're not surprised, his mother is like that." Hahaha

Anyway, she recounted her encounter with the little rascal a few hours ago at the copying area. She was going to print something and the rascal said, "Later, I'm doing something" :P

When my friend saw, the kid was doing 20 copies of this:

Now I'm afraid to have kids hahaha

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